If you’re looking for a site to buy “stuff” to give away at your trade show, you’ve hit the wrong site. Sure you can  do  that but you’d be missing out on the real magic. The name might be Moon Lite Promos but we are so much more than that.

Specializing in unique and custom items, we help ILLUMINATE your brand. We’re experts at sourcing and creating exactly what you need no matter what the circumstance.

From custom designed bottles to unique CBD products, we have a wide range of sources beyond what you see on the site. We can handle new brand launches, product sourcing, brand development , packaging, product licensing and more. We even have access to our own distillery. Promos are just part of the name - we specialize in imagination. Let us take your idea and bring it to life.

Our sourcing ability is second to none with one of our team members speaking 10 languages. If it's out there- we can find it.

Sourcing, Printing, Swag or Graphic Design- we have you covered.


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